Tian-Yuan Zhao

Round Sky Studios

Self-started web3.0-focused design studio focused on the worlds of decentralized-finance, self-sovereign-identity, and decentralized-autonomous organization products for various top-tier clients. Top clients and featured products include The Black Wall Street, ConsenSys, Kleros, and Raise and several more.


Summary of Work since January 2018

Team Makeup:

• Lead Product Designer & Founder – Myself

• 1 CEO + 1 Head of Product + 1 Product Designer – The Black Wall Street

• 5 Developers + 1 Head of Product – ConsenSys

• 1 Head of Design + CEO + CMO – Kleros

• 1 CEO + 1 CTO – Raise

Timeline of my journey designing 3 new products so far:

The Black Wall Street (1 mobile product) – I've spent 3 months so far on the redesign of this non-custodial wallet for Black Americans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre as well as the inaugural nationalization of Juneteenth. It's the first Black-owned digital wallet for digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ether with features such as "learn to earn" as well as "investment" features. Its founder is a Black-American actor by the name of Harper Hill.

ConsenSys (1 mobile product) - I spent 1 year on the research + redesign + testing of this product from the ground-up & end-to-end.

Kleros (1 responsive web product) - I spent 1 year on the research + redesign + testing of this product from the ground-up & end-to-end.

Raise (1 responsive web product) – I spent 1 year on the research + design + testing of this product from the ground-up & end-to-end. (They

Note – there are other clients that I haven't featured here just yet. But in total, I've worked with over 10 clients for various product design work so far and it's still counting.

Tool(s) Used:

Figma for Product Design

Github & Google Docs for Agile Sprint Planning and User Stories

Miro for Product Strategizing


The Black Wall Street


UX Design (Wireframes & Diagrams)

UI Design (Mockups)

Testing & Prototyping


May 2020 to Present



— Youtube Video


The Black Wall Street is a digital/crypto wallet built specifically to serve the Black American population. The reason for this is many but just like its namesake – The Black Wall Street aims to address all the problems Black Americans face when it comes to their relationship with the centralized American financial system as well as the current decentralized finance ecosystem as well. These issues have been covered comprehensively by Coinbase et al.

This product in its current MVP form contains the following 2 main features (this is a redesigned version which is more streamlined):

  • "Empower": this is the education component where the users will get to learn all about blockchain, cryptoassets – fungibles + nonfungibles, decentralized finance, and financial inclusion/freedom topics so that they may earn cryptoassets. This is a great and empowering way to get started with cryptoasset adoption in such a way that is barrer/risk-free.

  • "Enrich": this is the investment component where users will get to buy & sell cryptoassets. Within this component – there are plans to have a social token that is native to The Black Wall Street as a means to enrich the community. Additionally – there are plans to turn this community into a DAO later down the road. There will also be an eccomerce feature built into this section eventually.

“Empower” and “Enrich”

The 2 main components of this product

Buying & Selling

2 of the 4 major flows for this product

Sending & Receiving

The rest of the major flows for this product

Profile & Notifications

The auxiliary functions of the product

Intro to Kapture

Flowchart of the main flows for this product




UX Design (Wireframes & Diagrams)

UI Design (Mockups)

Testing & Prototyping


May 2019 to April 2020 inclusive

Kapture is an entertainment-technology product is the brainchild of one Andreas Freund from ConsenSys whom wrote this article detailing the philosophy/reasonings for this product's existence. This product can best be summarized in the following bullet points:

  • Digital Collectibles: A user may receive a digital collectible based on brand follower engagement milestones. This enables gamification through sharing, trading, and redemptions.

  • Experiential Quests: Longer running storylines drawn on a digital creativity canvas drive deeper engagement than independent tasks, as evidenced by the successes of online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft. This interactive style creates the opportunity to engage more often, trigger rewards, collectibles, and gives followers the chance to reach influencer status.

  • Reward Points: A customer may accumulate “Reward Points” by attending or watching events, through on-platform/ecosystem purchases, etc., and exchange them for collectibles, personalized experiences, and/or merchandise.

  • Decentralized Marketplaces and Brand Teams: Brand followers bring the community to life through sharing, trading, and redeeming digital collectibles and rewards points within and across brands. This creates network effects that will drive decentralized brand community economies.

Intro to Kleros

Main screen for this product

This is the Kleros Exchange page


Kleros Court


UX Design (Wireframes)UI Design (Mockups)PrototypingArt Direction

Graphic Design



January 2018 to December 2019 (inclusive)



Kleros is a decentralized application built on top of Ethereum that works as a decentralized third party to arbitrate disputes in every kind of contract, from very simple to highly complex ones. It relies on game theoretic incentives to have jurors rule cases correctly. The result is a dispute resolution system that renders ultimate judgments in a fast, inexpensive, reliable & decentralized way.

This was a part of the Kleros Fellowship of Justice, which is a program where I had the opportunity to work as one of 7 fellows on various key elements of the Kleros protocol – Cryptoeconomics, Civil Law, Common Law, Energy Law, International Trade Law, Smart Contracts & Arbitration, and Product Design (myself). I had the fortune of working on better understanding how to improve the Kleros Courts prototype.

Intro to Raise

Main screen for this product

This is the Fundraising details page




UX Design (Wireframes)

UI Design (Mockups)



January 2019 to December 2020 (inclusive)

Raise is a company that's on a mission to simplify fundraising for founders, investors and law firms across all of Africa. Raise offers a suite of solutions that makes startup fundraising easier, smoother, and more fun! Raise aims to build products that the change lives of those in the African Diaspora.

Raise is also a part of a larger effort to bring the whole of Africa together under a common set of standards to help define how digital assets are used and distributed. This initiative is called The African Digital Asset Framework and I also contributed to its design.

Raise is essentially the Carta for Africa and they just raised a Series A from 500 Startups!

Check out the Techcrunch article on it as well as the company blog post on it.