Tian-Yuan Zhao


Web2.0 B2B2C Fintech company empowering the fintech landscape of Canada and beyond. Top clients include Wealthsimple, Wise, Affirm/PayBright, National Bank of Canada, Stripe, RBC/Bread, Koho, Neo Financial, Questrade, Coinsquare, and many more!

To learn more about Flinks and how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors, check out this podcast: https://betakit.com/how-flinks-plans-to-beat-plaid-on-its-own-turf/


Summary of Work since May 2020 to Present (10 months and counting)

Team Makeup:

1 Head of Product Design

1 Product Designer – myself

6 Product Developers

1 QA Engineer

Timeline of my journey (Re)Designed(ing) 3.5 products so far:

Flinks Connect (1 responsive web with default-mode being a mobile product) - I spent 3 months on the redesign their consumer-facing flagship product

FlinksPay (1 responsive web with default-mode being a mobile product) - I spent 1 month on the design of a spinoff on their consumer-facing flagship product (this product is still in production, so I'll share it once more can be revealed at a later point, but will provide a teaser at the end for now)

Client Dashboard (1.5 web products) – I spent 4 months on the redesign of their enterprise-facing flagship product during the summer as a(n) pilot project and then an extra 3 months with their full-time staff.

Tool(s) Used:

Figma for Product Design

Jira & Google Docs for Agile Sprint Planning and User Stories

Miro for Product Strategizing

Overall Output/Outcomes

• Flinks Connect – redesigned a 3+ year old legacy product

• Flinks Client Dashboard – redesigned a 3+ year old legacy product;

• FlinksPay – designed a new product to expand our clientele and/or create more value for our existing clientele;

• Design System – designed(ing) this from scratch; and

• UX Team – helped to enable the inception of this team through sheer force of will

Featured Client:


Design System

This is a bird’s eye view of all the components that I’ve designed so far from the ground-up

Flinks Connect

There are 2 main versions of Flinks Connect – “Embedded” and “Express”


Flinks Connect


UX Design (Wireframes)

UI Design (Mockups)


Design System


September 2020 to November 2020



Flinks Connect is the flagship consumer-facing product that enables Flinks' end-users to hook up their financial institution accounts in order to better use whatever service Flinks Connect is embedded in. You may learn all about the redesign effort in this short blog article published by Flinks.

The Embedded solution is the version of Flinks Connect that requires software developers to integrate. This version of Flinks Connect is used by our fintech clients such as neobanks like Koho. This is more for modern-clients in other words.

The Express solution is a no-code version of Flinks Connect which doesn't require any software developers. This version of Flinks Connect is used by our financial service clients such as lending companies such as MoneyMart. This is more for traditional-clients in other words.

This is the new Flinks Connect – Express solution

The Client Dashboard

There are 2 main sections here – "Insights" and "Connect" as well as the General aspects of it such as its Onboarding + Home + Settings


Flinks Client Dashboard


UX Design (Wireframes)UI Design (Mockups)PrototypingArt Direction

Graphic Design



December 2020 to February 2021


Insights – General

Insights – Connect

Insights – Reports

Insights – Requests

Insights – Invites

Insights – advanced search

Insights – external data

The Flinks Client Dashboard is for our enterprise customers which has two major components to it:

"Flinks Insights" – customers within the lending industry who need to process requests and send invites from/to potential borrowers as well as analyze reports that pertain to said borrowers.

You may learn all about the redesign effort in this short blog article published by Flinks.

"Flinks Configurator" – customers within the fintech industry who need to configure Flinks Connect to their needs.

The Client Dashboard – Onboarding + Home

This new onboarding flow is a significant upgrade from the original, which is why you’ll see a before (below) and after (above) version.


These screens below are the original onboarding screens

This is the old onboarding – part 1 of 3

This is the old onboarding – part 2 of 3

This is the old onboarding – part 3 of 3

The Client Dashboard – Insights

There are 3 main sections here – Reports, Requests, and Invites

This is the largest report within our “Insights” feature for our enterprise customers called “User Analysis” that helps them better understand their customers.

The Client Dashboard – Connect

There are Flinks Connect solutions – Embedded & Express for which the user can configure

This is the Flinks Connect Configurator for our “Embedded” solution

The Client Dashboard – Settings

Our settings section is as follows: “Account”, “Security”, “Keys”, and "Team.

This is the Team Settings of the Client Dashboard